24 Hours to Honduras

Originally posted 12/2/11

This time last night (6:00pm) I was leaving Lawton, OK for Dallas, Tx.  Hugging the kids, kissing the wife, and I was off to the gate for a delayed flight.  Joy.  My best-friend from Jr. High, David Skinner, was able to make it with me on this trip.  Our final destination: Choluteca, Honduras.  I will be providing family entertainment at a big festival, Ferisur.

Our trip started off with a flight that would be 15 minutes late.  We arrived in DFW with just enough time to make our next flight.  We hustle to the gate, only to realize it would be delayed as well.  This time I'm glad, because it gives me enough time to have a Fuddruckers Bacon Cheddar burger minus the bun.  Glory!  Hit the spot.  David grabs a baked potato.  We are sitting there finished with our man-snacks when we hear screaming...accompanied by people running.  This is an airport.  Not good.

Whatever is going on is happening right above us on the second story.  I look at Dave, and we both get up and start walking AWAY from our current location.  I'm thinking maybe a fire started in the kitchen, but I don't smell smoke.  I walk around to some GI's who were talking with the screaming girls, and using my nosey church-lady instincts, ask what's going on.  "They said a guy has a BOMB." ( I used CAPS to emphasize that important word.)

David and I look at each other again. This time I am heading for a 3-foot concrete pillar.  I figure if there was blast, this is the best spot.  If not, I still have a good shot at being first on the plane.  Either way, I win.  Then comes the cops, guns drawn, heading up the stairs. (Folks, I fly all the time.  This kinda stuff doesn't happen every day.  Or maybe it does, but not when I'm around!)


After a few minutes, things quite down.  Nothing was ever said.  Situation under control?  I guess.  By now our plane is about ready to board.  FINALLY.  Get me outta here!  The flight to Miami takes forever to board, as always.  David has to put his roll-on all the way in the back because there is no more room.  Let's go!  Wait.  Maintenance found a "dent"...fast forward 30 minutes...now we are gone.

We land in Miami, get our 8 bags and head out to the hotel shuttle area.  1:15 am.  We wait...wait...wait some more...2:15 am shuttle arrives.  That's all I will say on this matter.  (Growl)

In bed by 3am and wake up to large dog barking at 8:15 am.  Apparently Great Danes are cool at the Double Tree.  Check in at the airport, grab some brunch and we are off to Tegucigalpa.

1:00pm we touch down on the world's shortest runway for an abrupt landing.  Don't panic, it's normal to taste your pancreas when you land.  Customs.  All the bags arrive and pass security.  We are helped out by 2 sets of bag valet who expect the last of my pocket bread, and we are loaded into our limo... a Nissan mini-cab.

Our driver, Fernando, and his Uncle were very hospitable.  Cashew farmers from the South, great guys.  The next 3 hours we would drive on the worst road I have ever been on in my life.  Potholes.  Craters.  Parts of the road that slid off the edge of the mountain.  Wrapping around the mountains and into the valleys.  It was gorgeous.  God really showed off when He created Honduras, but He needs to do something about the roads.Ever so often we would see street vendors offering their goods.  Reindeer made of straw seem to be all the rage right now.  Fruit, tortillas, water, but my favorite item up for sale...iguana!  Guys holding 3 or 4 large iguanas by the tail, ready for your dinner table.  This is for sure on my list to try this trip, yum ;)=

Not long after the iguanas, we slammed on the brakes to avoid hitting a boa constrictor!  It was about 9 feet long trying to get off the road.  I don't like snakes, but this is awesome.  I see skunks, possum, coons...but never a huge boa.  David is now looking at me, with his knees up to his chin in the back of a Nissan mini-cab.  I said, "I promised you an adventure, David!"  He mumbled something. I'm not sure what.

We arrived at our hotel and checked in.  It has decent rooms, internet, and a lovely courtyard with huge trees and green grass.  I'm sitting here barefoot in the most perfect breeze you could ask forwhile the bats chirp overhead.  It took 24 hours to get here.  We are safe.  All of our bags arrived. I hope tomorrow is a little more boring, I need to catch my breathe...