How I just won $370,000...and you can too!

Originally posted 1/25/13

I got a call from Jamaica early this morning, from the number 876-438-7756.  The island man with a thick accent sounded nice enough.  Plus I knew he was really Jamaican because I have seen 'Cool Runnings' twice, so I know.

He told me he was with Publisher's Clearing House and I just won $370,000.00!  I knew it was a scam from the first moment, but decided to play along.  He told me get a pencil and clean sheet of paper...I told him all I had was a pen and some scrap paper, he said it would work.  Then rattles off a tracking #, then gave me a LUCKY #.  Then he gave me a phone number to call, which the same number that called me, 876-438-7756!  I asked him his name, he said "Mr. Thomas White".  I told him it sounded like a scam, and then he yelled at me to get off HIS phone, then he hung up.  Thanks, Jamaican my day so much betta, Mon!

Did some research and this is a full-blown con.  Don't call them back, and don't send them any money.  If you would like to make more money than you ever dreamed of, send $1.00 to me, and I will send you a Post-It note with one of the world's greatest financial secrets ;)