Keith Coast Presents: 10 Ways to $ave Money

Originally posted 2/5/13

In an effort to help people during this tough economy, I have put together my very own personal Ten Ways to $ave Money.  These are all things that I do or have done, and they work.  These are proven ways to keep your cost down and stretch those dollars!  Are you ready to start $aving?  Here we go...

10) Cut Your Own Hair

$15 haircuts (plus tip) for guys?  No thanks.  I bought a pair of clippers back in 2008 when the economy took a hit.  I paid about $15 for the whole set.  Hey, you do the math $15 x 12 months is $180 a year!  Or if you need fancy style, hit up eBay and get yourself one of these! --->

9) Stop Shaving

Why do we shave?  Seriously.  If we weren't supposed to have hair there, why do we shave it?  You can start saving by not shaving.  Razors, shave cream, aftershave, moisturizer...think of all the expense involved.  Grow a face-sweater, or a's a conversation piece!  Ladies, I know what you're thinking, but this is a GUYS TIP ONLY.

8) Re-Gifting

This is so easy.  Next time you go to visit friends or family, take something from their house: ie- picture, vase, dvd, or a knick-knack of some sort.  Try your best to smuggle it out without getting caught.  (Wear loose-fitted clothing or bring a backpack)  Then, on their birthday or Christmas, wrap it up and give it back to them!  Most times people don't even remember all the junk they have.  They will love it, because it will match their decor.  Everyone wins. (Note: After a while you may get quite a collection going. Be sure to gift the right thing to the right person!)

7) Pick up Loose Change

I see this all the time: people walking over loose change!  C'mon, it's FREE money! Who cares if it's only one cent, it's still money, and after a while it all adds up.  After you train your eyes to scan the ground, you will find more and more.  I found $600 this summer at church camp just laying on the ground in $100 bills...TRUE STORY!  Of course, I turned it in to the office and found it's rightful owner.  They bought me some Starbucks as a reward.  Win win.

6) Find it at 'Lost and Found'

I live at children camps all summer long.  At the end of the week, there is a HUGE pile of left-behind treasures.  Everything from bibles, jackets, flashlights, hats...even DVD's of my show that I sold to some kid!  I have at least a dozen of those NICE $15 Camelback water bottles they were just going to throw away.  My friend Ronnie, who works at a camp, always jokes he has NEVER had to buy a towel.  If that lost item doesn't have a home, think about adoption.

5) Use the Library

Remember that building downtown that has FREE books you can borrow?  It's called the LIBRARY.  It may have been years since you went in, but it's most likely still there.  Most of them are free.  Why do you need to buy books if you can just borrow them...for FREE?!  If it's the Dewey Decimal System that intimidates you, ask one of the librarians to help you.  Don't be shy, they love to help.  It's called: Job Security.  It's their duty to find that book for you.    If you feel embarrassed, put on a hat, sunglasses, and use a European accent...easy.  And if they don't have the book you are looking for, ASK FOR IT.  Many libraries will order your book and notify you when it comes in.  So before you Barnes and Noble, check that House of Books down the street.

4) How to Make Cheapaccino

Did you know that #2 industry in the world is COFFEE?  (#1 is oil)  That's right, coffee makes the world go round.  Those of us in North America are at a disadvantage however, in that it doesn't grow well here.  So we import it, and that drives up the price.  Then Starbucks gets a hold of it, put's it in a fancy cup, squirts specialty sugary stuff in it,  and before you know it you're paying $5 for a drink!  I love those handcrafted beverages, but it can add up quick.  So I devised my own coffee-hack to save a little dough...

Keith's Famous Cheapaccino:

  • Order a Tall coffee, but ask for it in a Grande cup.
  • Take this hot cup of Joe over to 'Condiment Island' and get ready to work your magic.
  • Fill it up with as much milk or Half&Half as you like, cause it's FREE!
  • Sprinkle on Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Chocolate, or Vanilla.  There's also sweeteners of all kinds.
  • Enjoy your Cheapaccino, knowing you only paid about $2 for this little beauty.

3) Run in a Rough Neighborhood

You don't need a treadmill, personal trainer,  or gym membership!  Those cost way too much, and chances are you will use them twice and that's it.  I use to live in rough neighborhoods back in the day.  People were running all the time...for different reasons of course.  In a rough neighborhood, running is essential for staying alive.  You don't stop to talk.  You don't look at transactions going down.  You just keep running!  The one thing you really have to look out for is D-O-G-S.  In the hood, dogs are security systems, and they are always looking for a new chew toy.

I'll never forget the day I was running with my dog Harley.  We were passing this house that had the meanest Chow Chow I had ever seen.  They didn't have a fence.  They didn't keep it on a chain, BUT ON A ROPE.  Guess what happened one day...yeah, the rope snapped!  The rope snapped, and Satan himself was on our tail.  Harley and I looked at each other, and I said, "You're on your own, boy!"  I ran so fast that day, I didn't have to work out for 3 months.  Best of all, that experience was FREE.

2) Schedule Visits Around Dinner-Time

Visiting friends and family unexpectedly is always a great fun.  You can even save big bucks eating out if you play your cards right.  Here's what to do:

  1. Check Facebook to see who's having 'what' for dinner. Make your selection from here.
  2. About 5 o'clock, show up and be like, "Hey, guys!  We were just in the neighborhood..."
  3. They will invite you in.  Most likely they will be preparing dinner. 
  4. Catch up on life, and bring up great memories.  This establishes an emotional bond.
  5. Comment on how lovely dinner smells.
  6. Next, if they are true friends, they will ask you stay and eat.  
  7. PLAY IT COOL.  First politely decline, and say "Oh, we don't want to intrude..."
  8. If they insist, say "Are you sure?  I mean we don't want to take away from your family time."
  9. If you feel things are good, be like "Well, I guess.  If you are sure..."  TRY NOT TO SMILE, cause you just succeeded! Enjoy dinner, and at least help with the dishes.
  10. In the event they DO NOT ask you to stay, de-friend them on ALL social media.  They are dead to you.

1) Stay Married

I always tell my kids they never have to worry about us getting divorced.  Why?  Simple: it's too expensive!  Child-support, alimony,'s ridiculous.  The best thing to do is also the cheapest thing to do.  Stay together.  If nothing else, go to counseling and get some help.  Whatever you spend there will save you THOUSANDS in the long run.  Stay married, and keep saving, together!