3 Fun Ways to Deal with Difficult People


Originally posted 8/21/13

No matter how hard I try to avoid difficult people, they always seem to find me eventually.  These are three of my favorite techniques that I employ when dealing with difficult people. 


This action right here confuses the heck out people!  It signals you agree with them and love what they have to say.  This is what difficult people want anyways.  Just give it to them.  The quicker they believe you agree with them, the quicker they will move on...to someone else!


Whenever someone approaches you rudely or in a threatening manner, stare at their forehead.  Where exactly?  Find right in between their eyes, then go about an inch up.  Focus on this spot and just stare.  You can nod your head, blink your eyes sporadically, or lick your lips.  They should move on rather quickly.


When someone is rattling on about something, usually gossip, and you don't want to hear it, use this technique.  Let them ramble for a while and when it's your turn to speak bring up some random story that has absolutely nothing to do with what they are talking about.  They will try to bring back their story, but interrupt and keep insisting that somehow your story ties into theirs.  They will get frustrated and move on.

 (***This one takes some initial thought beforehand.  Make up some fantastical story in your head. Become familiar with it and believe it yourself!)

WARNING!!! Using these techniques may label you as CRAZY.  However, crazy people generally live happier more satisfying lives.