Spanish-Speaking Squirrels and Flaming Cow Patties

Originally posted 1/11/13

How seriously do you ever think about your future?  I probably think about mine too much. 

  • What will I be doing for living in 10 years?
  • Where will I be living in 25 years?
  • When will HOVER BOARDS be a reality?
  • Is SPAM really food?
  • What will the Church look like in 50 years?
  • Will my wife ever love me with a FULL beard?

These are just a few questions I ponder. 

I have attended 2 funerals in the last 2 weeks.  They were both GREAT men.  I admire them both immensely.  My hope is that I would have at least half the respect of either of them at the end of my life, and I would be happy.  Friends, family, and community celebrating your existence here in this world.  What a blessing.

Makes me wonder if I will make it to my 80's.  Every time I go to a funeral I tell myself I'm going to write a goodbye letter...and so far I haven't.  I want to, but last night Captain America came on the tube...priorities ;)

Ever want someone to hand you a detailed letter of your LIFE that tells you exactly what to do?  I have!  Everyday.  Even right now, I should be packing for a camping trip, but I'd rather blog.  I chase rabbits all day.  (Maybe I should start chasing cars)  I have no problem dreaming.   I'm good at that.  Actually, it's one of the best things I do!  I can imagine the biggest mountain of a dream, the issue is climbing it.  I have an entire continent of mountains in my mind, but I stall at the overwhelming thought of the trek that lies ahead.

I have this same problem when it comes to candy bars: which one do I really want, Twix or Kit Kat?  M&M's or Charleston Chew?  Almond Joy or Reese's?  (It's easier now that I gave up sugar for the most part...I will take a bite of whatever!)  Psychology calls this condition 'Choice Fatigue'.  A consumer has so many choices they can't decide on one, and then abandon the purchase all together.  I know this hits me all the time.

I have 'Choice Fatigue' in my soul: Teaching?  Film Making?  Stage Shows?  Book Writing?  Farming?  I just want a burning bush, or a talking donkey to speak to me my PURPOSE in life.  I would settle for a squirrel that speaks Spanish or a flaming cow patty with a Chinese fortune inside!  Am I alone on this?  How do you decide the path you follow?