Keith Coast PRESENTS "My Favorite Tricks" DVD

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Keith Coast PRESENTS "My Favorite Tricks" DVD


In this video, you will learn the secrets to some of Keith's favorite sleight-of-hand illusions. These tricks will truly amaze your friends and family! Learn how to use common, everyday objects to create an experience that will impress all those around you. Learn the basics to the art of illusion and get started in no time! Kids and adults alike will enjoy learning these amazing tricks:

  • Pop Knots Rope Trick
  • Unequal Ropes 
  • Two Card Monte (Jumping Jacks)
  • Card Force
  • Floating Marker
  • Color Stick (Fan-ta-stik)
  • Escalator Ring
  • Coin From Nowhere
  • Dime Through Elbow
  • Ring and Chain
  • Tricks with Sponge Balls

NOTE: Most of these tricks have been added to our Digital Download section for immediate delivery straight to your email! We understand that sometimes it's nice to have a physical copy, so this is the DVD version. ENJOY!

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