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About KEith COast


Storyteller. Entertainer. Communicator. Professional Goobernugget. 

The comedy of Keith Coast uses a blend of illusions, balloons, and dangerous things. The intent of his show is to have fun, encourage, and make people laugh 'till it hurts! His family-style humor reaches a broad spectrum of ages, from the grandkids to the grandparents. So if you're looking for an experienced, clean comic to entertain your crowd, this is your guy! 

Originally based out Oklahoma, Keith Coast travels full time across North America with his family. 



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elementary Schools

Schools are constantly searching for high-quality and relevant programs that relate to their students, and Keith Coast delivers! Speaking on topics such as bullying, determination, teamwork, honesty, doing your best, and so much more. His school shows are designed to encourage students as they laugh along the way. Teachers and students alike will love every minute!


Keith got started on stage in his home church as a kid. Over the last 20 years, he has spoken to thousands sharing his faith and journey with his unique brand of humor. He has traveled all across North America and 18 different countries entertaining and encouraging audiences with illusions, balloons, and dangerous things! 


Making balloons and new friends in the Dominican Republic


These days it can be hard to find good, clean family entertainment. It can be just as hard to find someone who can keep everyone's attention, from kids to grandparents. Look no further! Keith Coast has you covered, delivering family-style entertainment that is sure to please your community or corporate event. 


A NEW coast-to-coast with Keith Coast is in the works for 2017! The 'Summer Camp Tour 2017' is set and booked. Check out the schedule and see where he will be. 



Laura B.
"All ages were engaged, from preschool to adult. Families came together and had a great time!"


Karen S.

"He exceeded our expectations! The kids AND adults had a blast!"


Courtney H.

"The presentation provided our students with a fun, relaxing and motivating assembly to encourage testing. Everyone enjoyed it!!!"




Kimberly P.

"Thank you for coming to our school! Your personality and positive message reached all age levels of our students. When you reinforced character traits with them and wrapped it in a fantastic performance, it was very memorable. Come visit us anytime!"

Madison "You are funny."


TIME Magazine

"Kevin Coats? Never heard of him. Please stop calling."


Susie D.

"Keith, you are an amazing person and a gift to all who have the privilege of watching you perform. You bring happiness to a world that is sometimes dark."

Allison B.
"Keith Coast presented an engaging and overall fantastic entertainment segment at our Upwards Awards Program. He understands Upward's vision and authentically embraces his personal mission to bring the timeless truths of God to people in a fun way."

and more buzz

Keith V.
"He is so uniquely different that it almost defies description. It's hard to explain to people what they're going to experience other than to say "You have GOT to see this guy!"

Gayla Z.
"It was good old fashioned family fun and everyone was smiling."

Rich M.
"Keith Coast is one of a kind!"

Joanne F.
"Absolutely wonderful performance."