The Bacon Book

That's right. The Bacon Song is now The Bacon Book! Keith Coast and Forrest Davis' ukulele smash hit has been transformed into a colorfully illustrated book to enjoy anytime, anywhere. Illustrator Micah Hanson has visualized and brought to life the lyrics that have been sung by bacon enthusiasts worldwide.


Preorder NOW!

The Bacon Book has been sent to printing! We are anxiously awaiting its arrival, hot off the press...much like bacon itself! Estimated ship date NOV 15th, 2018.

Get in line for the first printing of books! The first helping will be rush-shipped from our printer and the rest will be coming a few weeks later. As a BONUS for our loyal bacon lovers, PREORDER today and get ‘The Bacon eBook’ and the ‘Bacon Song’ as an appetizer until your book comes in! Also, as a part of the PREORDER special you will get FREE SHIPPING.

The Bacon Book Preorder Includes:

  • The Bacon Book Hardcover Edition (Estimated ship date NOV 15th)

  • The Bacon eBook Edition (Immediate download)

  • The Bacon Song .mp3 (Discount coupon will be emailed after purchase)

  • The first 100 preorders will receive book plates signed by both authors and illustrator!

  • Free Shipping

Keith Coast, Author

Keith Coast has been entertaining kids and families for most his life. He travels worldwide inspiring audiences of all ages through his unique blend of humor, storytelling, songs, magic, and balloons. You can follow his adventures here on Keith likes his bacon thick and chewy!

Forrest W. Davis, Author

About Forrest...

Forrest Davis is a performer, juggler, ukulele enthusiast, and general weirdo who couldn't be more thrilled that this book came together. He lives in upstate New York with his wife and two cats and likes his bacon hot, right out of the pan. Forrest also enjoys writing sentences in third person. Follow his exploits at

Micah Hanson, Illustrator

As a kid, Micah Hanson loved the exaggeration and appeal of cartoons like Looney Tunes and the Pink Panther, and dreamed of one day being able to bring humor to the world through his own drawings. Today, his passion telling stories through illustration and animation. You can view his doodles on Micah likes his bacon so crispy that it almost crumbles on contact.


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